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台北史代納 Taipei Steiner -城市裡的華德福學校
We are a Waldorf School in Taipei looking for full time English Teacher.



-Applicants must be a native English speaker

-Bachelor's degree in Education related major or above, OR hold/held a teaching certificate in your country

-Candidates with Taiwanese Foreign Spouse ARC or APRC are preferred

(However, we can also assist you on applying working permit and ARC in Taiwan)


[Student Ages] Grade1-Grade12

Please send your resume via email:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

     To choose another education system, you must go through a thorough understanding and reflection. You need to understand another educational philosophy, know your expectations for education, and your expectations for your children. You also need to think about why you want to choose another education system. Knowing the expectations match the chosen educational philosophy or not. Only after a complete understanding and reflection then a responsible and firm decision can be made.

     Why Waldorf education? Does Waldorf education philosophy match your expectations? On December 1, 2016, CommonWealth Education Media and Publishing website published an article titled "Senior Waldorf Teacher Answers the 9 Most Wanted Questions Parents Want to Know". The content is brief and to the point. It can help you to further understand the core concepts and characteristics of Waldorf education and guide you to further think about "why?" The article talks about how to choose a school. It relies on parents to know the school in many ways. In addition to the introduction on Facebook and the website, through actual conversation and interaction, it can improve the mutual understanding. This is also one of the purposes of our enrollment seminar and interview. We are looking forward to your participation in the enrollment seminar and get to know Taipei Steiner closely.

     The core of the Taipei Steiner Education Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association), is to practice early childhood education services, school-age education, and Waldorf education teacher training based on the Waldorf education concept, so as to promote Waldorf education in Taipei. In order to implement the vision of the association - "to make Waldorf education take root downward, spread branches upward, and inspire people's inner strength to practice truth, goodness and kindness".

     The Association applied to the Taipei City Government Bureau of Education to establish an experimental education institution in accordance with the "Implementation Regulations for Non-School Type Experimental Education at the Educational Stage Below Senior Secondary Schools", and was approved by the Taipei City Government Bureau of Education in March 2017. Taipei Steiner Education Institution (hereinafter referred to as this institution) is to continue the affairs of this association and move towards the goal of providing a complete and consistent Waldorf education form grade one to twelfth. In line with the trend of modern society, it focuses on students' exploration creativity, life social ability and independent thinking ability. It cultivates the ability of problem-solving and know your own characteristics, also care for others, society and natural ecology, and build an independent and responsible personality.

 We also hope that every parent who joins Taipei Steiner is a partner who works hard for their children's education, understands the Waldorf education philosophy together, and is willing to work with other partners to support the development of Taipei Steiner. In daily life, parents should be willing to actively develop a meaningful family life that can help children grow, have quality parent-child time every day, establish a regular family schedule, provide a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet, increase time for outdoor activities, and try to avoid children watching TV and playing any electronic media product, cooperate with teachers to cultivate children with both morality and knowledge, and balanced physical and mental development.

Enrollment Information

  1. Our FACEBOOK Page
    We will regularly update the Facebook fan page to share our updates, including classes, student activities, parenting lecture information, teacher training, etc.


  1. Enrollment Seminar
    We hold at least 2-3 enrollment seminars per year, and relevant information will be announced on the Facebook page and our official website.

How to Enroll

Since 2018, you must attend the enrollment seminar before you can apply for the admissions interview. The purpose of the interview is to let the teacher team get to know the parents and children, and also to let the parents have a better understanding of our educational philosophy, experimental education plan and our teaching quality of our institution. It is not to examine the ability or performance of the students. We are welcoming children from different families and personalities. Race, religion, social classes will not be use as the admission standard. Our teachers will based on their profession and experiences to decide whether the students being admitted or not.

New Student and Transfer Student Enrollment Procedure

Enrollment Seminar->Fill in Interview Application Form->Confirm and Inform Interview schedule->Enrollment Interview->Inform Interview Result

The core concept of this institution is from the "three-dimensional society" view put forward by Dr. Rudolf Steiner. The so-called ternary society refers to the teacher team, the administrative team, and the parent community. These three constitute a unique organizational type and mode of operation. They are centered on educating children, each performing their duties but supporting each other, and working independently and together. . The parent community of this institution has four ways to participate in school affairs and educational affairs:

1. Association of Taipei City Sterner Education Promotion Association
In the family participating in the experimental education of this institution, at least one person must participate in the Association of Taipei's Sterner Education Promotion Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association), which is a member of the Association, and become a member of the Association to understand the Association's promotion of Huade. Fu Education and the annual work plan and implementation status of the laboratory's experimental education, financial income and expenditure status, annual final accounts and budget, etc.; members who are willing to participate in depth, can further participate in the election of the supervisors and supervisors, and become the director of the Association. Or supervisors, jointly promote the association's business and the school's affairs.

2. Responsibility Team (Operation Group)
The Responsibility Team is composed of representatives of the teacher team, representatives of the administrative team, and representatives of the members of the Board of Supervisors who have professional knowledge and experience (mostly parents), responsible for the operation and management of the organization, and assisting the development of experimental education in this institution. . Parents with professional knowledge and enthusiasm for service may become members of the responsible group after becoming a member of the Board of Supervisors of the Association, deeply participate in the decision-making of various school affairs, and assist in school operations.

3. Parent Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Family Committee)
The organization encourages parents to actively participate in the family committee, take turns to serve as the family committee of each class, co-organize or assist in organizing various celebrations or activities with this institution, and familiarize themselves with school affairs and class affairs to better understand the teaching philosophy of this institution.

4. Class meeting
During the school season, each class of the institution will hold a class meeting for an average of 1 to 1.5 months. The teacher will explain the teaching theme, content and progress, and the student's learning and interpersonal status to the parents, and discuss the recent activities of the school or class. Parents should keep abreast of school operations and teaching activities and provide assistance when necessary. For example, when each class conducts off-campus transfer teaching, parents can directly participate in the first line to help teachers maintain student safety and gain a deeper understanding of the teaching connotation.

Waldorf Education's curriculum is based on the "whole relationship" between people and the world, and the "complete curriculum" with the core development of people, so each course theme is a combination of nature, humanities and art. From the elementary school to the middle school stage, it is the time when the schoolchild begins to develop emotions and feel the world with imagination and keen heart.


Therefore, in different courses, teachers use stories, poems, music, rhythm, games, paintings, dramas and other performances to stimulate students' interest in learning, deep feelings and creative imagination space. The curriculum can be roughly divided into two categories:

  1. Main Lesson are in Blocks:
    • The first-grade to sixth-grade main courses include language, mathematics, natural sciences, social humanities, line drawings, etc. All the periodic courses of the first to sixth grades are carried out by the same master teacher. Each cycle is carried out continuously for three to four weeks. Regularly every semester.
    • The 7th to 9th grade main courses include language, history, geography, physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc. The main teacher with the teacher is responsible for all the cycle courses from the seventh to the ninth grade. Four weeks, each semester is regularly carried out.
    • The tenth to twelfth grade courses include language, history, geography, nature, physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, geology, economics, earth sciences, biology, mineralogy, etc. Each course is led by a teacher with a teacher. Responsible for all cycle courses from grades 10 to 12. Each course lasts for two to three weeks, and each season is regular.
  2. Subject Lessons:
    • Normal courses include crafts, art, foreign languages ​​(English, German), cooking, music, Eurythmie (Chinese translation: excellent music, music, dance), rhythm, outdoor games, sports, woodworking, drama, etc. The teacher of the subject will lead the students to attend classes at regular times throughout the semester.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or suggestion.

    • Add: No. 29, Zhaoan St,
      Taipei City, 100, Taiwan
    • Tel: +886 2 2301 0652
    • Email:info@tpsteiner.org
    • Office Hour: Mon~Fri 8:00~17:00
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