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27 October 2016
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Imaginative thinking is the thinking character of early childhood, in the high-grade stage, will gradually transformed into abstract thinking ability.

Imaginative thinking is the thinking character of early childhood, in the high-grade stage, will gradually transformed into abstract thinking ability.

  The young people in the seventh grade are eager to see their eyes open! But at the same time, because of the arrival of adolescence, but also inward to inquire: people need to have a sense of balance it? How do I do this? As if into the medieval era of people in some dark period of internal locking after the exploration, to meet the brilliant Renaissance, and even bravely forward the great maritime era. Thematic courses include history (Middle Ages to Renaissance or Voyage), geography (in Asia), earth and astronomy, physics and chemistry, and human biology (with the emphasis on reproduction and nutrition).

  By the eighth grade, they were conscious of the possibilities of life: "What's happening in the world today?" "I changed, but I want to be able to cope." "How do I learn autonomously?" How do I work with men and women Get along? "These are the inner inquiry of the young people.

  In order to respond to this development of consciousness, the theme courses are: history (the invention after the Renaissance to the industrial revolution and modern history), world geography, basic economics, organic chemistry, language learning will be with a large theater performances to integrate listening Ability to read and write.

In grades 1 to 8 (7 to 14 years old), students are exposed to the external and internal worlds through the "emotional" capacity of the mind, so the instructor must guide the child into the world with an artistic curriculum.

  After the ninth grade, the students began to develop the quality of independent "thinking" on the basis of their emotional experience. The teacher's task is to instil the children's devotion to the world through the spirit of the world. Therefore, the history course will be from the modern history, year by year back to the ancient times, with a more reflective quality to examine, reflect on the historical development of mankind. In addition, physics, biology, chemistry, literature, geometry, geography and so on, will continue to be discussed.

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