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Monday, 12 August 2019 12:31

Curriculum Model

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Waldorf Education's curriculum is based on the "whole relationship" between people and the world, and the "complete curriculum" with the core development of people, so each course theme is a combination of nature, humanities and art. From the elementary school to the middle school stage, it is the time when the schoolchild begins to develop emotions and feel the world with imagination and keen heart.


Therefore, in different courses, teachers use stories, poems, music, rhythm, games, paintings, dramas and other performances to stimulate students' interest in learning, deep feelings and creative imagination space. The curriculum can be roughly divided into two categories:

  1. Main Lesson are in Blocks:
    • The first-grade to sixth-grade main courses include language, mathematics, natural sciences, social humanities, line drawings, etc. All the periodic courses of the first to sixth grades are carried out by the same master teacher. Each cycle is carried out continuously for three to four weeks. Regularly every semester.
    • The 7th to 9th grade main courses include language, history, geography, physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc. The main teacher with the teacher is responsible for all the cycle courses from the seventh to the ninth grade. Four weeks, each semester is regularly carried out.
    • The tenth to twelfth grade courses include language, history, geography, nature, physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, geology, economics, earth sciences, biology, mineralogy, etc. Each course is led by a teacher with a teacher. Responsible for all cycle courses from grades 10 to 12. Each course lasts for two to three weeks, and each season is regular.
  2. Subject Lessons:
    • Normal courses include crafts, art, foreign languages ​​(English, German), cooking, music, Eurythmie (Chinese translation: excellent music, music, dance), rhythm, outdoor games, sports, woodworking, drama, etc. The teacher of the subject will lead the students to attend classes at regular times throughout the semester.

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