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About us

Association origin

The core business of the Association of Taipei City Steiner Education Promotion Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) is to practice the preschool education service, school-age education, and Huadefu education teacher training with Waldorf education philosophy to promote the Huade in Taipei. The promotion and research of Fu Education, in order to practice the vision of the Association - "Making Waldorf education rooted down, opening up the branches, inspiring people's inner strength to practice truth, goodness and beauty."

The Association applied for the establishment of an experimental educational institution to the Taipei Municipal Government Education Bureau based on the “Regulations on the Implementation of Non-School Type Experimental Education in the Advanced Secondary Education Stage”, and was approved by the Taipei Municipal Government Education Bureau in March 2017. Since then, the Taipei City The Sterner Experimental Education Institute (hereinafter referred to as this institution) continues the conference of the Association and is moving towards the goal of completing the complete Huadefu education from the first grade to the twelfth grade, with the Waldorf education philosophy as the core and advancing with the times. In line with the trend of modern society, it focuses on students' exploration creativity, social life and independent thinking, cultivates the characteristics of solving problems and understanding themselves, caring for others, society and natural ecology, and cultivating independent and responsible temperament.

We also hope that every parent who joins Taipei Sterner is a partner who works hard for their children's education, understands Waldorf's educational philosophy, and is willing to support the development of Taipei's Sternner with other partners. In life, parents Must be willing to actively develop family life that is meaningful and can help children grow up, have quality parent-child time, establish regular family life, give healthy and balanced diet, increase the time of outdoor activities, try to avoid children watching TV and playing 3C, working with the teacher to cultivate children with both morality and knowledge, balanced development of mind and body.

About Taipei Steiner

The Taipei Sterner Experimental Education Institute is a non-school type experimental education institution that provides Waldorf education. 
With the spirit of advancing with the times and localization, Taipei City has its own Waldorf education. Our goals and vision Go to the Waldorf School from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Practice the complete and consistent Huadefu education with the concept of human intelligence.   Why does Taipei Steiner exist? Based on the profound understanding of Waldorf education and culture, in line with the development and needs of modern society, and
adhering to the spirit of advancing with the times, the concept of freedom, equality and fraternity is practiced. To cultivate children's independent, independent and responsible personality, to give play to their talents and to give back to the society.

How do we practice our ideals?

A team of pioneering and practical professionals.
Implement artistic learning, thinking, work and teaching.
Encourage open thinking and dialogue, mutual trust and acceptance.
The quality we cultivate

Explore the ability to create.
The ability to live and socialize.
The ability to think independently.
problem solving skill.
The ability to understand oneself.
Respect and care for people, society and the natural ecology.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or suggestion.

    • Add: No. 29, Zhaoan St,
      Taipei City, 100, Taiwan
    • Tel: +886 2 2301 0652
    • Email:info@tpsteiner.org
    • Office Hour: Mon~Fri 8:00~17:00
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